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8. thandhai engE enREnO dhuruvanaip pOlE

Svayambhuvamanu was born out of Brahma's body; he married Satharupai and had two sons called Priyamaratha and Uththanapadha. Uththanapadha became king and married two women called Suneethi and Suruchi. Through them both, he had two sons - Suneethi's son was called Dhruva and Suruchi's son was called Uththama.

Uththanapadha was very fond of Suruchi and ignored Suneethi altogether. When Dhruva was five years old, he asked his mother to see his father. Suneethi told him about the king's palace and Dhruva went there to see him. Uththanapadha ignored Dhruva and in his presence took Uththama in his lap and was affectionate to him. When Dhruva tried to approach his father, Suruchi prevented him from doing so and using harsh words chased him away.

Feeling both sad and angry, Dhruva went back to his mother and told her what happened. Suneethi then consolde him and told him "Pray to the father of everyone Vasudeva. If you do that and follow the path of Dharma, you will live a great life".

Dhruva left for the forest to pray to Vasudeva. In the forest, he obtained the VAsudeva mantra (Dvadasakshari) from the Saptharishis (or from Narada) and started meditating on Vasudeva. He kept the mantra in his mind and performed deep penance for a long time.

Pleased with him, Sriman Narayana (Vasudeva) appeared before him. He gave Dhruva the divine knowledge and also a place amongst the stars.

Thirukkolur Ammal is asking "Do I have the deep faith that Dhruva had and the great devotion he showed to the father of the Universe?"

Azhvar Emberumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Sharanam

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