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(thirukkOLUr peNpiLLai rahasyam)

4. dhasamuganaich seRREnO pirAttiyaip pOlE

dasa mugan is Ravana and pirAtti is Sita. The word seRRal either means to destroy or to hate/look down. It is not appropriate to say the Sita destroyed Ravana or was even responsible for his destruction. Even though She could have killed him by Herself, She did not do so. In fact, She tried Her best to make Ravana see reason and surrender himself to Sri Rama. She gave up Her ability to destroy Ravana or save Herself and waited for Rama to come and rescue Her.

What She did was to look down upon Ravana, his wealth (which amazed even Hanuman) and the pleasures that he pointed out to Sita to try and tempt Her. She treated them as dirt (note the incident when She placed a piece of grass between Herself and Ravana and addressed it when talking to him). She was willing to stay imprisoned (siRai irundhavaL) and suffer the torture rather than agree to his advances.

She placed both Her body and soul as belonging to Rama and keeping Him in Her mind always, She just waited for Him.

Thirukkolur Ammal asks "Can I be like Piratti and place everything completely in His hands?"

Azhvar Emberumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Sharanam

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