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5. piNam ezhuppi vittEnO thoNdaimAnaip pOlE

The king Thondaiman was an ardent devotee of Lord Srinivasa. It is to this king that Thiruvengadavan had given His conch and discus to, and had been without them for a long time.

One time a brahmin called Koorman decided to go to Kasi and give up his body there and merge with the Ganges. But he died in his hometown itself. His son called Krishna Sharma, decided to place his father's remains in the Ganges river. So, he brought his wife and children to King Thondaiman and placed them in his protection. Then he left for Kasi.

The king asked his workers to take care of Krishna Sharma's wife and children. Being involved in his daily duties, he completely forgot about them. The workers did not take good care of the family and they eventually died.

After a while, Krishna Sharma came back and asked the king to return his family to him. That's when the king remembered about them. When he went to look for them, he found their dead bodies. Shocked at this and not knowing what to do, he came back and told Krishna Sharma that his family had gone to Thirumalai and will be returning in a couple of days.

Between Srinivasa's sannidhi and the king's palace, there was a secret passage. Taking that, the king went in front of the Lord and fell at His feet. He prayed for the Lord's grace and asked that either the Lord save him from this predicament or take him too to His divine feet. The Lord who had deep affection for the king showered His divine grace on the king and told him to take some holy water from the sannidhi and sprinkle it on the dead bodies and that they would then come alive.

The king then returned to the palace and brought the family back to life. He returned the family to Krishna Sharma along with much wealth.

Thirukkolur Ammal asks "Am I like the king who had great love for the Lord and was the receipient of His divine grace?"

Azhvar Emberumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Sharanam

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