Srivaishnava Sampradhayam website is undergoing a lot of changes.

The website is being revamped. The front end is being made into a WordPress site with a Blog feel for stronger and frequent interaction. Please keep visting the Home pages to see the blog posts and feel free to add your comments.

Behind the scenes, changes are being made to the way data is presented, with the use of Databases and PHP, instead of static HTML.

As we do these, some pages would still have the older feel as we slowly migrate everything. Some links may stop working – if you find something missing or broke, please Contact us with the details.

We have started publishing eBooks and Paperbacks via Amazon.

We have bi-weekly meetings over a tele-conference bridge to listen to live Upanyasams and Music.

Audio produced under Srivaishnava Sampradhayam label, is being hosted on BandCamp.

Keep coming back to see and interact – for more and better things.

As always, in your service, adiyEn madhurakavi dAsan

Many Changes

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